The loveOttawa project is a unique online initiative that celebrates Ottawa, along with its rich and dynamic community, highlighting everything from culture to culinary, business to education, lifestyle to tourism. Curated and run by passionate photographers Dwayne Brown and Anita Ruivo, loveOttawa is also a photographic journey of the people that, in a small or big way, make a difference in the city.

Dwayne Brown has over 30 years of experience photographing and creating imagery for corporate and commercial clients. An Edmonton native, he has shot throughout Canada and worked in Calgary, before settling in Ottawa. “I not only love photographing people and the world around them, I enjoy it when that photography can help people do things, when it moves ideas forward and when it makes a difference.”

Anita Ruivo is an entrepreneur with a background in international education and in the creative fields, most specifically writing and photography. She speaks four languages, having lived in Madrid, Spain for many years. “My passion for creativity and learning have inspired me to continuously pursue new ways of contributing to my community. As Dwayne’s creative partner, I bring my ability for creating design and imagery to our projects. We are on a continuous, artistic adventure!”