supporting ottawa’s art scene with such heart

Tom Lawson and Shelia Casey, photographed at Champagne dit Lambert Antiques.

Tom Lawson and Sheila Casey have lived in Ottawa their whole lives and both have a passionate fondness for exploring any new diversions that pop up in our city. Anyone who’s met Tom and Sheila knows exactly what I mean when I say ‘they are the coolest, nicest and most authentic couple in town’. They both have a creative and sophisticated style that is so wonderfully complimented by their respectful ‘presentness’ when you talk with them. Tom and Sheila are ardent supporters and patrons of the local art scene in Ottawa, and they love their city very much. They especially love local artists Guillermo Trejo, Danny Hussy, Daniel Martelock, Marc Adornato, Stephen Frew, Andrea Stokes, Peter Smnelzer and Guy Berube of La Petite Mort. “We are really fortunate to connect with this creative group.”

© dwayne brown studio  – the  loveOttawa  project

© dwayne brown studio – the loveOttawa project

In familiar Tom and Sheila style, they’re always on the move – so they’re also big fans of Ottawa’s outdoors. “Cross country skiing is twenty minutes from downtown. The world’s best skating and hundreds of kilometres for biking and running without the worry of crossing busy streets are right at our door step.”

Tom and Sheila are also loyal fans of the local culinary scene and they love that you can really get to know so many of the owners of Ottawa’s best restaurants, shops and bars. “We have wonderful purveyors of food and drink in the city: Isaac and Miriam for morels at Byward Fruit, Rocco for burrata at Bottega Nicastro, Yael for raisin chai at True Loaf, Johnny and Jessie for ling cod at Whalesbone, Mary and Stephane for rib eyes at Glebe Meat, Quinn for ABC Seasonal at Quinn’s Pub, Adrian and Will for fried chicken skins at The Belmont and Summer for potato chips at The Hintonburg Public House.” Ottawa is a city where you can really get to know the owner of the shop, as Tom and Sheila always do!

So what’s the story behind the location for our shoot? Tom and Sheila love art and they love to buy it, and Champagne dit Lambert Antiques is where they bought their very first piece of real art many years ago, and it’s a shop that will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Thanks so much Tom and Sheila for sharing what you love about Ottawa and for being such great advocates for the creative, the positive and the caring side to our town, including your support of the Community Foundation of Ottawa.