making friends - one t-shirt at a time

We love our city and we're very proud of our loveOttawa project. This summer is very special for us, as we have two students visiting from Spain through Anita's company, Funlanguages Canada. Raquel and Selene are here in Ottawa to improve their English as well as to participate in Funlanguages' Creative Mentorship program, including acting as loveOttawa ambassadors.

Yesterday was very fun for us and the girls, as we ventured forward on something we've wanted to do for quite some time. We headed downtown to give loveOttawa t-shirts away to visitors in our city. It's so cool to go up to strangers and ask them if they're visiting Ottawa and then gift them with a free t-shirt. Our t-shirt includes a design that has many of the words and praises that describe what people love about Ottawa.

During Raquel and Selene's stay in Ottawa, they will be meeting many of our loveOttawa friends in town and learning what makes this such an awesome city to live, learn and work in. They will even be doing some volunteering at HighJinx (a local vintage store and social enterprise), some Ottawa 2017 events and at some summer music festivals, including the Ottawa Chamberfest. And yes ,of course, they will be giving away many more loveOttawa t-shirts!

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loveOttawa_Free T-shirts_web9.jpg
Selene and Raquel delivering Friday lunch to HighJinx.

Selene and Raquel delivering Friday lunch to HighJinx.