Own our Ottawa

Catherine McKenna, photographed alongside the Rideau Canal

As our followers know, we gravitate to positivity in our city and are always so happy to hear about and support local initiatives.  

We were excited to learn a while back that Minister of Environment, Catherine McKenna, is very passionate about Ottawa, and was wanting to share the many exciting and generous ways that citizens have of making a difference in our community. Meeting and chatting with her, on a windy morning a few days ago, was a treat.

©  Dwayne Brown Studio  - the loveOttawa project

© Dwayne Brown Studio - the loveOttawa project

Minister McKenna believes that there is “so much awesomeness going on in our city”, that we need to tell and share the many stories behind it. Be it something that one person does individually, an initiative a business is involved in or that a not-for-profit supports, or even an idea that a whole neighbourhood stands behind, she wants to hear about it.

“The idea behind this campaign is that everyone tells amazing stories that are going on. For example, the recent story about Syrian refugees and what they've been doing to contribute to community - they did a cleanup and also did a fundraiser for CHEO. Everyone is making this city incredible, so let's talk about it!”

McKenna believes that it's important to be proud of our city and to share our local community successes with Canada and the world, particularly in our 150th year.

Participating is very easy and via the Minister’s social media channels. Using the hashtag #OwnOurOttawa, talk about how you are owning your Ottawa or what you see other people doing to own their Ottawa. It can be anybody - a child, a retired person, a business, an organization, a community group or any other entity.

The Minister is so approachable, open and pleasant, that it was hard to stop chatting!  As she prepared to continue with her busy morning, we asked her what she most loves about her city.

“That's really, really tough! There are a million things, but I love the water. I love the fact that we have the Ottawa river, we have the Canal, and I think we need to reimagine our capital around the water. That's our history. I love canoeing on the canal and I'd love to see more people out on the beautiful water.”

Thank you, Minister, for gifting us with your passion for the city, sharing the positivity of its people and spreading the love!

Please follow Minister Catherine McKenna's Instagram feed at: @cathmckennaottcen or her facebook page at: www.facebook.com/McKenna.Ottawa and hashtag your images with #OwnOurOttawa to share your love and commitment to our city! Please also visit Minister McKenna's website for more information about the Own Our Ottawa initiative.