each day is a dream

As Cirque du Soleil’s “Alegria” winds down next weekend, we share a snippet of Sara Formoso Fábrega’s story. Sara is the accordionist in the show and, like many of her colleagues, comes from afar and feels very fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful enterprise. Attending “Alegria” was spectacular for us, but meeting Sara (and boyfriend/manager, Nacho López) was truly special.

© Dwayne Brown + Anita Ruivo

© Dwayne Brown + Anita Ruivo

© Anita Ruivo

© Anita Ruivo

1. What is a girl from El Ferrol (Galicia), Spain doing, playing the accordion for Cirque du Soleil across North America?

I feel like each day is a dream. At times I catch myself smiling and still can’t believe I’m a part of it! What a great opportunity to meet people, travel, see the world and, of course, do what I most love to do: play music and share it with thousands of people. I am proud and grateful every single day. I believe I’m at the best moment of life on all levels.

2. When you were attending the Conservatory of Music back home, did you ever imagine this as a professional possibility? Was this a goal that you set out to achieve?

It was my number one goal. I have been dreaming about being a part of Cirque du Soleil since I was 18. I remember talking to my boyfriend, Nacho, about this remote, almost crazy possibility back then. I had just started university. Something went “click” in my head and I went on their website, started downloading material and studying how to go about it. One day in 2018, after finishing my musical studies, my accordion teacher Fernando Fragua, who had known about this crazy dream of mine, told me about a Cirque du Soleil casting. I applied for the first time. And here I am now, at age 25, in Canada, giving it all and living the dream as part of the ‘Alegria: In A New Light’ show!

3. On stage, it appears like everyone is a family. What does it feel like to be a part of such a creative and dynamic group of people?

Back when I fantasized about being in Cirque du Soleil, I used to hear that it was like being in a family. Now that I am a part of it, I can affirm that the meaning of these words multiplies by a million. We really ARE a family. We spend six out of seven days together, and share so, so many hours in each other’s company. We learn about each other, we eat together, laugh, cry and feel together. In a way, this show started from zero with all of us, so the feeling of unity is singular. The Big Top is now my home. This is how I truly feel.

4. What do you think about the Ottawa-Gatineau region? Have you had an opportunity to explore it?

I love the peace and tranquility of Gatineau and its contrast with the liveliness of Ottawa. During the last few weeks, we’ve visited many green spaces, as well as restaurants and shops. I love going out for a meal and have found many wonderful restaurants and eateries. We’ve had the opportunity to walk around and everything that I see, I love: the streets are clean, the people are open and so friendly! Both Gatineau and Ottawa have much to explore. I’ve also gone to to the Sound and Light show on Parliament Hill, which I loved. It left me smiling all night long!

Thank you, Cirque du Soleil, for the opportunity! If you haven’t yet had the chance to attend the show, we highly recommend it!