reshaping commerce with collaborative passion

Some of our Shopify friends, photographed in their Ottawa headquarters.

Shopify is one of our city’s most talked about young, trending companies. A developer for multichannel commerce platforms, it is reshaping the concept of commerce internationally. It is also known for its “avant garde” approach to doing business and its company culture of thinking “outside the box”. For many, it offers the dream job and marking a difference.

Walking into their spacious downtown headquarters, one is enveloped in a high functioning yet casual, playfully creative environment. Loving people as much as we love our city, we were very curious to meet and photograph a handful of Shopify employees, and ask them about what they love about our town. We were so very impressed with such a unique, dynamic and passionate group of individuals.

© dwayne brown studio  – the  loveOttawa  project

© dwayne brown studio – the loveOttawa project

Thank you Shopify, and especially to Konval, for opening your doors and city hearts to our project! It was so much fun!

What do you most love about Ottawa?

“It’s full of hidden secrets!” – Alec

“It’s one of the most well-rounded cities. You can go places so easily. It’s got a great music scene, lots of green spaces – such a humble city.” – Karmen

“Nature is so close to everything. It’s got some great gems.” (one of which we were asked not to disclose!) – Dave

“Its closeness to nature!” – Monica

“Its neighbourhoods and community spirit. We help each other out!” – Mandira

“Ottawa has just the right amount of entertainment and distraction. It enables those who want to contribute to the scene and build communities to do so. It isn’t saturated, there’s space for makers to provide to the city.” – Guillaume

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