a city to love for 2017

Guy Laflamme, photographed at the Ottawa Canal Underpass.

We had the opportunity to photograph Guy Laflamme a few months back for an editorial shoot. We were anxious to meet the author of the City of Ottawa’s 2017 celebrations but knew that his very tight schedule would only allow for a short amount of time. We were pleased to be introduced to the most charismatic, passionate, respectful and extremely photogenic man!

Laflamme embodies what we love about our city: kindness and generosity. He rewarded us with his time, was enthusiastic to hear about our project and very patiently waited while we set up our loveOttawa canvas. We are so proud to include Monsieur Laflamme in our project and look forward to a very exciting 150th year in our city!

© dwayne brown studio  – the  loveOttawa  project

© dwayne brown studio – the loveOttawa project

Being the voice behind the 2017 celebrations, what would you like to highlight about Ottawa to the world?

“2017 will allow people to experience Ottawa like never before and celebrate Canada’s 150th like nowhere else. We are inviting the world to come and enjoy our unique quality of life and be inspired by the unique experiences we can offer.”

How can Ottawans participate actively in making the 2017 celebrations a special event?

“We have and will offer, every citizen, business and organization of our city‎, numerous opportunities to contribute and to participate to Ottawa 2017. Collectively we will transform our city and open new horizons for our future.”

In your free time, how do you enjoy our beautiful city?

“I have cycled, jogged or walked every kilometre of our recreational pathways.  We are blessed by the abundance of our natural surroundings and I love to embrace the variety of our seasons. You can see and experience our city from many different perspectives.”

What message would you like to convey throughout the year leading up to 2017?

“Be ready to experience an exhilarating new Ottawa! Let’s collectively transform our city and give more vibrancy to its ‎heart and soul.”

Thank you very much Guy for sharing your time and your love for Ottawa! For more information about Ottawa 2017: www.ottawa2017.ca